Manage your agency through an all-in-one system with a fully integrated app.

Home Care Manager is 100% customizable and fully integrates with other software applications that your agency currently uses.

Streamline all agency operations!

HCM is an all-encompassing application that can mainstream your agency’s operations.

Advanced scheduling engine, easy-to-use billing system and patient information that flows from start to finish.

Independent unit configuration

Manage multiple offices and branches at the same time

Set up each office with its own contracts and business rules. Set up compliance per agency requirements. Manage settings per branch for all sections, workflows and requirements. View and manage all agencies in one screen view.

No more printing or scanning

Your agency will no longer require an office fax!

Physicans’ orders are faxed and received directly from our application and assigned to the correct patient using a generated code.

An all-encompassing application that mainstreams your agency’s operation in real time!


Automated agency-developed proprietary forms that can be modified by staff and is auto-filled with patients’ current data.

Caregivers no longer need to open any applications to see messages sent to them! Broadcasting cases go directly to the caregiver's phone via text.

Dashboards and lists with filtering and exporting capabilities for all reporting purposes.

Fully integrate able with any third-party software that your agency prefers to use.

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Fax: 845-253-6810

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